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Barcelona is a model city that has been observed and analyzed by politicians and professionals from around the world. Although each city is different, the study of urban transformation of Barcelona, especially in the late nineteenth century and, the most recent one, from the 80s of the twentieth century, can be very useful for architects and urban Brazilians, and applicable in any other environment.

This experience pretends to be a reflection, an analysis and a participatory study of the Barcelona model, its influence on architecture and society, with the ultimate goal of extracting conclusions of universal application.

During your stay in Barcelona, we will study and understand, along with Artchitectours professionals and experts in architecture, the city’s heritage, urban planning and infrastructure. You will discover a very interesting city, the current birthplace of urbanism. We will hold training seminars, and complete the study of the city with several tours of iconic buildings, related to the theme of the trip.

Day Tour


Architectural trip to Spain

Languages available: enesfrpt

Minimum group size: 1

Max group size: 20

Duration: 4 Hours